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Description: A young boy sits in the grass holding a butterfly. He is surrounded by a squirrel, rabbit, frog and a bird on a tree limb all joining him in a garden of colorful flowers. The tree limb is laden with lilacs. The colorful flowers are all three dimensional. The sky is awash with colors moving out from the boy in the picture.

Designer: Nancy Pierce at Artisans on the cul-de-sac.

Technique: Hand-dyed, wool strips are hooked in loops by hand to create a soft wool texture. In addition, a technique called proddy is used to create flower petals to make the picture three dimensional. The tails of the squirrel and rabbit are emphasized with brushed wool fiber. The edges are finished with twill tape and whipped stitching using matching wool yarn. A metal frame is inserted into the tape and the picture is ready for hanging.

Fabrics: 100% wool, hand-dyed and hooked on cotton monks cloth

Care: Spot clean using gentle cleaners suitable for woolen fabrics.

Size: 23.5 x 21 inches, finished size