Hooked Wool Art

Although rug hooking is a craft that emerged in the mid-1800s to provide warmth and comfort to homes, wool hooking for me is about using this technique to combine strips of wool textures and color to create art.  The wool is often hand-dyed to create variations in color or plaid fabrics can be used to create their own patterns of color.

I use strips of wool that can vary from 2/8 inch to 5/8 inch in width, depending upon the effect I want to achieve.  The strips are looped through a foundation cloth, typically monk’s cloth – an evenly woven 100% cotton fabric.  Generally the loops are about ¼ inch in height, but I sometimes vary the height to create a raised effect for objects within the picture.

Differences in fabric texture and color and variations in pattern design ensure that each creation is unique to the buyer.  The end product is an art piece that can be used as a focal wall covering or as a table or floor decoration.